Facebook Comment Of The Day

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month. They decided to put a post up on Facebook about it.

It said, in part:

ATF is committed to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. ATF welcomes and encourages applications from persons with disabilities and will reasonably accommodate the needs of those persons.

Given the snafus, incompetence, and general f’ed up nature of ATF, many immediately thought they were talking mental disabilities.

However, a much better comment brought up one of their recent rulemakings.

Someone named Spike Cohen said:

Aren’t you trying to ban pistol braces, which if implemented would make firearms much less accessible for disabled people?

That comment had over 2,000 likes and loves as it well should.

UPDATE: I just found out that Spike Cohen was a 2020 Libertarian candidate for Vice President.