Cartoon Of The Day

We have all been there waiting and waiting for a file to download or upload. Some of us including me still (somewhat) remember the days before high speed internet where we had dial-up modems running at 1200 and 2400 baud. When I transitioned from a 56k baud modem to DSL at 3 Mbps I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now if my cable modem isn’t running at close to 100 Mbps I begin to wonder what is wrong.

So at the junction of firearms and computers, we have this:

4 thoughts on “Cartoon Of The Day”

  1. I’ll go back a little further. A text only B.B.S. running at 300 baud on a DEC LA120-DA Decwriter III. Multiple users on at once conversing live and a paper record (from the dot-matrix printer) of the conversations. It was a big deal when they offered an alternate phone number with 1200 baud modems. Running text only any faster was not necessary.

  2. Funny cartoon.

    I remember having to call my ISP and ask them to delete an email from my cousin which had an e-card attached. Living in the country my dial up would drop about every 45 minutes, the card was taking longer than 45 minutes to load. Gave up after four or five tries.

  3. I’m as old as Glypto. sigh… Text only, NO graphics because they wouldn’t download (unless you had 8 hours or more of uninterrupted connection).

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