OMG! Another LaPierre?

We were driving through Travelers Rest, South Carolina last week when we saw this.

The Complementary Spouse snapped this quick picture through the windshield of our truck at a stop light.

It seems that a Michael LaPierre is running as a conservative Republican for Congress in the Upstate of SC. He had previously run in the Republican primary in 2020 against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). LaPierre founded and heads the Christian Leadership Worldview International organization which offers Christian leadership training.

The seat that LaPierre is seeking has been held in past by Jim DeMint and Trey Gowdy. It is currently held by Rep. William Timmons who I presume will seek re-election.

I do not know if there is any familial relationship between this LaPierre and the one running the NRA. That said, this LaPierre is at least for constitutional carry. I think it is safe to say that Michael LaPierre, age 60, is not the unknown love child of Wayne LaPierre.

2 thoughts on “OMG! Another LaPierre?”

  1. Interesting. I would say that clearly it’s not a common name, but when I was looking up some of the details on Wayne in genealogy sources, I did find more than I expected.

    1. I imagine in certain areas like New Hampshire and Maine where you had significant French Canadian populations that LaPierre would not be uncommon.

      This LaPierre was born in Standish, Maine which is on the shores of Sebago Lake. According to LinkedIn, he graduated from Brown University in 1983 and later got a MBA from Clemson.

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