Happy 246th, US Marine Corps!

Today marks the 246th birthday of the founding of the US Marine Corps in Tun Tavern.

Think of it – the only armed service founded in a bar.

My friend Lara Smith whose husband Ed served in the Marines posted this on Facebook to point it out.

I always tend to post old recruiting posters in commemoration of this birthday. I found two that caught my attention.

The first from WWII when women were sought to free men to go into combat. Even then, the Marine Corps called these women “Marines” and not “women Marines”.

The second is more modern and reflects the fact that today’s battlefield is not so defined.

I think my friend Amy Dillon, all 4 feet 11 inches of her, would agree as would those recruits she trained as a Marine drill and marksmanship instructor.

Finally, the official birthday video from the Commandant Gen. David Berger.

Finally, to all my friends who have served in the Corps, Semper Fi and thank you.