About That Student Loan Forgiveness

The Complementary Spouse received an interesting email today. It dealt with President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

Hello my name is Benjamin Rivera on behalf of the Student-Loan Debt Department. We tried to contact you at your home and did not hear back. Your Student-Loans have been marked as eligible for forgiveness under the new 2024 guidelines. Your case number is #21825, and your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. If you could please give your dedicated eligibility line a call at: (8­­­­44-3­6­1­-60­39)

Thank You, Benjamin Rivera

There is only one tiny problem with Mr. Rivera’s email. There is nothing to forgive.

That is because the Complementary Spouse has never, ever had a student-loan. Moreover, she never received any calls at home from the “Student-Loan Debt Department.”

So take this as a warning that scammers are out there pushing supposed student-loan forgiveness when the reality is that they are trying to take your hard earned monies.

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