Social Media And ATF – A Match Made In Hell

Given how the government works, I am guessing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is paying their Manager of Social Media a six-figure salary. I have been reading their posts on Facebook and Twitter for a few months now. I continually am shaking my head. However, just when I thought it could not get any worse, it did.

The tweet below which is also posted to Facebook is asking the spurned ex to go full Stasi on the former boyfriend or girlfriend.

I’ve heard of being tone deaf but urging an ex to take retribution on someone with whom they had an intimate relationship on a day supposedly devoted to love is profoundly tone deaf.

The comments have run as you might well expect. They contain tons of pictures of Eric Holder and hashtags of Operation Fast and Furious.

David Codrea reminded them that they still have done nothing about Hunter Biden who lied on his Form 4473 about illegal drug use.

One of the better comments was this one:

Even if I did, my Ex’s dog doesn’t deserve to die.

On a more serious note:

Encouraging revenge based reports, many of which will be false to get Ex’s ‘SWAT’ed, while your own agency still has to answer for #OperationFastAndFuriousThat’s a bold strategy.

Way to use a Hallmark/Hershey’s holiday to turn people into your own personal, unconstitutional gestapo.

This post by BATFE gives new meaning to the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

UPDATE: Then there is this great response by @docboogie.

2 thoughts on “Social Media And ATF – A Match Made In Hell”

  1. Or they could charge felons with a gun (prohibited persons), and send them each away for a decade.

    That would get a bunch of criminals off the street.

    “Gun violence” would virtually disappear.

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