Discarded Like A Broken Toy

It must suck to be Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux (D-GA). She was a darling of Everytown and the anti-gun lobby only a mere two years ago. They called her a “Gunsense” candidate and spent $1.2 million to get her elected in a suburban Atlanta district.

Now redistricting has put her in the same district as Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA). McBath is the fair-haired child so-to-speak of Everytown. They created her, they elected her, they own her. You can guess who is going to get the money and support of Everytown and their red-shirted Mommy brigade this election.

Rob Romano has a great tweet showing how Everytown has now discarded Bourdeaux in favor of their own creation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes about Everytown’s support for McBath:

McBath is running in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District against fellow incumbent U.S. Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux in the May 24 Democratic primary. Everytown’s political arm has supported both women in the past but chose McBath in this head-to-head matchup.

The organization said it is spending in the low seven-figures on direct mail, radio spots and digital ads.

Poor Carolyn should have picked her friends better.