Update On Move To Draft Allen West

Stephen Gutowski at TheReload.com has an update on the move to draft Allen West to challenge Wayne LaPierre for the post of Executive VP and CEO of the NRA.

From The Reload:

West said he is “honored” by the call for him to run against LaPierre. He said he is considering the move and consulting with loved ones.

“It is deeply humbling and I am honored that these current and former NRA Board Members would put such trust and confidence in my abilities,” West told The Reload. “I have to pray and consult with my family. I love the NRA and my life has been defined by answering the call to serve, and my oath to the Constitution has no statute of limitations.”

While some who intensely dislike LaPierre wonder if this is a good move, Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition had this point to make about Lt. Col. West.

From a comment on Facebook where he points out that perfect is the enemy of good:

Folks, not having an alternative candidate that’s “perfect” is how we end up with LaPierre continuing in power. We must take out LaPierre, and that means running a candidate who has the potential to win, and who will actually run. He might not be your favorite candidate, but he is likely to be the candidate we have, so please don’t be disparaging him.

I think Jeff is correct in that the question comes down to this: do you want the perfect candidate for EVP/CEO or do you want Wayne ousted?

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  1. I don’t expect that Col. West will see this, but I will be praying for him and his family, that he comes to the decision that is right for both them and the NRA. Being selfish, I do hope that he decides to accept the offer to seek the role of EVP of the NRA. It would not only lend stability to our group at a much needed time, but also it would seem to me, a definite amateur in legal matters, that it would show the judge that plans had been made to go forward after the dismissal of the “bad apples”, and that the dissolution of the NRA and the slicing and dicing of the assets and membership lists, etc. is unnecessary.
    I am grateful that people who have the experience and intelligence and integrity to attempt to right this sinking ship have stepped up at this time. Even if things don’t go as hoped, it is important that the effort is made. The thought of the Brady Bunch and company getting their hands on everything that so many patriots built is just to terrible to contemplate.

  2. I’m a bit confused about how this would work (yes, I’m not overly familiar with the internal policies as I get much of my information from you and from Gun Talk). Doesn’t the board decide who is EVP? Doesn’t Wayne pretty much have the board in his pocket? Why would they get rid of him if they have been covering for him all these years? It can’t possibly be for lack of alternative candidates. There are XXX million NRA members plus presumably being a member isn’t a qualification for being hired to do a job.

    Simple explanation appreciated.


    1. Since the Revolt in Cincinnati, the rules got changed. No longer can we members elect the EVP. Now it is the board as you say.

      While to be honest I don’t think this move stands a chance in hell of succeeding, I think the ultimate aim of the drafters is to show the judge in NY that some people are trying to clean house in the NRA. You are correct that Wayne does have most of the board in his pocket through either monetary ties or due to willful ignorance.

      1. “You are correct that Wayne does have most of the board in his pocket through either monetary ties or due to willful ignorance.”

        Or fear they won’t get to sit at the “Cool Kids Table” anymore.

        And I think you’re onto something about this being for the NY Judge’s consumption as much as trying to really succeed.

  3. Isn’t there an old saying that “Best is the enemy of good?’

    We could be at the point that the Board decides to dump Wayne and try to save themselves. I surely hope so.

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