Skipping The NRA Board Meeting

When I made my travel plans to attend the NRA Annual Meeting, I scheduled my return flight for later on Monday afternoon so that I could attend the NRA Board of Directors meeting. It is scheduled to start at 9am or about a half hour from now.

After having attended the travesty that was the Meeting of Members for the entire time, I came to the conclusion that attending the Board of Directors meeting would be a waste of my time. Moreover, it would just raise my blood pressure and who needs that.

While there will be a move to nominate Lt.Col. Allen West to be CEO and EVP, I have every expectation it will go nowhere. The majority of the Board of Directors are like the disciples of the Rev. Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy. They have drunk the purple Kool-Aid and plan to go down with Wayne LaPierre. So what if the NRA perishes like the People’s Temple at the same time.

I will have more on the Meeting of Members, the Leadership Forum, the resolutions, the exhibition, and more in following posts.

Also, in case you didn’t read it elsewhere, Isaac Demerest won the election for 76th Director against Frank Tait. While I didn’t see the “volunteers” on Friday, they were certainly out in force on Saturday morning. Of the tens of thousands who could have voted, only 564 people could be bothered. The final tally was Demerest, 350, and Tait, 214. Given the age composition of the board, I still would not be surprised if Frank ended up on it before the year is out.

5 thoughts on “Skipping The NRA Board Meeting”

    1. Jim – You were not the only one. Usually I see a lot of bloggers and/or podcasters I know and met at the NRAAM. Not this year. Most of those I saw in the media room were professionals like Stephen Gutowski, Cam Edwards, and Jim Geraghty of National Review.

  1. Funny you should mention Jonestown – leaving the members meeting, I thought the exact same analogy.

  2. I sat by Frank on the bus getting back to the Marriott from the ROF reception at the Armadillo Palace. I liked what he had to say.

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