Son Of Spies Advocates Dirty Tactics

Michael Bane calls it chumming for monsters. If you throw enough “blood” in the water eventually a monster will rise to the top. That is what Professor Michael Meeropol is doing in a commentary broadcast on NPR-affiliate WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

I propose that every member of the NRA board and every anti-gun safety member of the United States Senate no longer have the luxury of politeness. If I lived in Washington, I hope I would have the courage to stand up in the US Senate gallery and yell murderer every time a Republican got up to speak. I’d be happy to be arrested and try to get the jury to nullify my conviction.

I believe NRA board members should be subjected to personal attacks. I am not recommending violence but certainly active civil disobedience and nuisance activities that might land oneself in jail are definitely called for. I think it would be great if these folks had red paint thrown on their front stoop, door, driveway, lawn. One does not have to resort to violence to make people uncomfortable.

No more NICE from our side. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

While Meeropol says he doesn’t recommend violence (wink, wink), he is a well-educated person and knows eventually that someone will do just that.

If the name Meeropol doesn’t bring up any connections in your mind, his birth surname might. Rosenberg. Yes, that is correct, he is the elder son of convicted Soviet spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. They were convicted and executed for passing on top-secret information nuclear weapons and other military hardware to the NKVD. When the KGB archives were opened after the end of the Soviet Union, documents showed that Julius was guilty of espionage while Ethel had been an accessory as well as a recruiter of others.

The tactics that Meeropol advocates are more akin to what one would expect from Mao’s Red Guard than the KGB. As a self-described radical political economist, I don’t think that matters too much to Professor Meeropol.

I would call on WAMC, NPR, and all supporters of Northeast Public Radio to repudiate Meeropol’s editorial in the strongest possible terms. If they don’t, then they are complicit in chumming for monsters and the blood will be on their hands as much as on Meeropol’s.

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  1. Tit for tat is the strategy that works. Clutching pearls about the lack of civility doesn’t work.

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