Text Of Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

I have embedded the full text of the “gun reform” (sic) legislation just released this evening. It is based upon the agreement between 10 Democrat senators and 10 Republican senators led by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC).

If you go to Sec. 12002, you will see that the definition for “engaged in business” which would require a Federal Firearms License has changed. Rather than the prior “principal objective of livelihood and profit”, it is now changed to “to predominantly to earn a profit”. If this is adopted, I am sure we will see many undercover ATF Special Agents at gun shows going after the frequent traders.

Those firearms purchasers that are over 18 but not yet 21 are being thrown under the bus as was expected. It will apply to all firearms purchases including that of a single shot .22 LR rifle. As I read it, the bill imposes what is essentially a 3-day waiting period which is extended if there are any juvenile mental health or criminal record exists. This is in Sec. 12001.

Sec. 12004 deals with straw purchases. We already know that they are illegal under Federal law. However, now adds extra penalties if the straw purchaser knowingly transfers a firearm (or has reason to suspect) to someone who plans to engage in a felony, drug trafficking, or terrorism. Just transferring the firearm raises the penalty to 15 years imprisonment. If it involves the furtherance of a felony, drug trafficking, or terrorism, then the penalty is now 25 years imprisonment.

There is a lot more and it will take some careful combing to get to the rest. If you see something as you read through it, make a comment.


2 thoughts on “Text Of Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”

  1. Thanks for posting this, but I doubt if I can force myself to read it.
    I am certain this is more feel good, do nothing constructive, target the average citizen, legislation. Laws upon laws upon laws, which the criminals will not obey. We’ve seen this Kabuki theater play over and over, ad nauseam. I’ve spent 50 years as a voter, and mostly as a Republican voter, watching the liars lie and yet continue to be elected. The herd has been neutered, and if there is a solution to that, it is beyond me.

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