Don’t Be A Faubus

My good friends at Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership have a great tweet up. It was posted a couple of days ago and is aimed at those blue state Democrat governors who want to implement the Bruen precedent “with all deliberate speed.”

So Gavin, Phil, Kathy, David, and the rest, don’t be a Faubus! That goes for you, too, Larry and Charlie even if you are RINOs and not Democrats.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Faubus”

  1. Until you learn the truth of the 9. While slightly before my own time in LR schools, I had siblings involved at Central while this was happening. Did you know that the 9 were rejects from the no. 4 school in the nation for math, sciences, history and the arts? Did you know they wished to go to Central because they couldn’t hack being in a black school that had discipline, and a real education leading to productive members of society? No. 4 of ALL schools not only the black ones.

    The result of that was part of the civil rights movement, =True. Also true was that this action by the federal government was a direct violation of States rights and the freedoms it brings to address the tyranny forced on people who didn’t want the perversion of educational boards with a less than 40% graduation rate happening under their authority.

    You may not agree with those conclusions but I lived it from the time I started school. That our education system is what it is today is directly the fault of those people to stupid to understand that 9 high schoolers changed the face of this country in a terrible way. Those 9 were never held accountable for the damage they caused. They should have been returned to the original school and lived in detention until they understood that their rights ended when they trampled on the rights of the hundreds of children whose education they destroyed through desegregation and the lack of discipline their actions allowed for the last 40+ years.
    The foolishness on your side won that battle, and where are we for that win? Are we better off? If you believe that I have some really cool beach front property you might be interested in, cheap!

    1. “Did you know they wished to go to Central because they couldn’t hack being in a black school that had discipline, and a real education leading to productive members of society?”

      Bullshit. Just Bullshit.

      The Little Rock Nine had been thoroughly vetted by the Arkansas NAACP to determine that they were above reproach and resilient enough to face the challenges they would experience. They were selected.

      Of course, if you have a source for your version of things – other than what was written on Central High School’s shithouse walls and repeated by your siblings – we’d all like to see it.

  2. Yeah . . . I just don’t see Biden (or whomever has their hand up as ass making his lips move) having the balls to call out the National Guard over this.

  3. Hogan is not the hold up in MD, its AG Frosh, of Bianchi v Frosh infamy. MD State Police take their orders from him.

    I can only sigh.
    They seem to think that if you pile onto a house of cards, it reinforces it. The 16 hours training requirement was going to be hard to challenge, now it will be easy given that NY just passed it without evidence, in open defiance, for the sole reason of rationing permits.

    There is no path to getting a permit in MD because they are not processing applications until Frosh does something.

    In many corridors, that makes MD de facto constitutional carry. Read the cases that they cited in the footnote where they imported first amendment prior restraint doctrine into Bruen, then tell me MD is not now de facto con carry.

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