Amazon Prime Day

I don’t push my affiliate status with Amazon that much. However, today is Prime Day and they have a lot of deals. Following links from my blog helps generate a little revenue which subsidizes things like the cost of the domain and research on the US court system’s PACER.

I use Amazon Prime for the shipping. More importantly, I use it to watch movies and shows like Jack Carr’s The Terminal List and Jack Ryan’s Tom Clancy.

You can get a trial membership to Prime which is free for 30 days using this link:

Amazon Prime Free Trial

I get a little bit of money if you don’t already have Prime and try it out.

I am a big reader and I use my Kindle Paperwhite a lot. An upgraded model is now on sale at 32% off retail. I prefer the Paperwhite as it is easier on the eyes.

Finally, I subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program. As I said, I read a lot and many books are included within this program. You might be amazed at some of the books that are included. For example, if you plan to hunt dangerous game in Africa such as the Cape Buffalo, you can get the Kindle version of Pierre an der Walt’s African Dangerous Game Cartridges through this program. A hardback copy usually goes for over $100.

If you do plan on shopping at Amazon today, use the embedded links above or the banner at the bottom of this blog. I’ll make a few cents and it will help keep this going.

Many thanks!