Report: NRA Loses Under Wild Skies Lawsuit

The blog NRA In Danger is reporting this evening that Under Wild Skies has won its breach of contract lawsuit against the NRA. Under Wild Skies and its host Tony Makris produced African hunting shows that featured NRA advertising and sponsorship. While the show and the NRA had a 26 year relationship and Tony Makris was Wayne LaPierre’s BFF, once Ack Mac and the NRA went to court, the payments were frozen. Makris is or was an executive with Ackerman McQueen at the time.

From NRA In Danger:

We’re told all of NRA’s claims were shot down, and the jury awarded UWS $550,000. It may be worse than that, as the court only allowed damages for payments already past due (maybe just for those past due when the complaint was filed in 2019), not for future payments as they come due over the remaining years of the contract. That means that UWS can probably sue again for the remainder.

We’re told that the Brewer team for NRA was 10-11 attorneys; UWS had 1 or 2. The Brewer firm likely made a mint on the case. A weeklong trial, after three years of fighting, with a team of 10-11 attorneys billing at up to Brewer’s $1,400 per hour. The legal fees alone must have run into the millions, perhaps tens of millions.

Under Wild Skies was represented by the Fairfax, Virginia law firm of Dycio and Biggs. I have an email in to the firm asking for confirmation as well as a comment. If I hear more on this, I will post it.

2 thoughts on “Report: NRA Loses Under Wild Skies Lawsuit”

  1. I just got my American Rifleman magazine and I always read the thing. It really is nauseating how the leadership is able to spew the horrible and vile garbage that they continue to come up with about just what a wonderful job that they are doing in regards to our 2nd amendment rights. And how they need us to continue to send more money in order to keep up the pressure against those who would fight to take our rights away from us.
    The thing is, I don’t just skim the BS that the silk suits write ,but I actually sort of look at other things that the magazine has in places like the back pages. I will only point out the one thing that really struck me this time, but there were several that I saw that made my list.
    If anyone ever notices, there is always a list of In Memoriams, which I believe is contributions made in the memory of a loved one who has passed away, to the NRA. I remember when I first joined the NRA, when Obama was first elected, it often ran to several columns. Contributions were overflowing with people really caring about our 2nd amendment rights. Does anyone think that the concern for our gun rights is less now than they were than? Of course not, we all know why the list of In Memoriams is much shorter now. It is because nobody wants the money contributed in memory of their loved ones to go to the defense of a criminal and a slime ball. Or to a golden parachute of an inept and terrible Figurehead of what was once a proud and important organization, that is in free fall, with a 50/50 chance of recovery.
    I predict that if somehow, by the grace of a merciful God, we are able to right the ship, and remove the majority of the board, and change the charter to a different state, and reform the organization with a new vision and a new way of running things, you won’t be able to count the money coming in from one month to another.
    The magazines that you get each month don’t seem very important, but you need to learn how to look at them. And what they choose to publish. They are not one of the for profit gun magazines, but they are political rags, and they always are pushing an agenda. The agenda is not being pushed to the anti gunners, because it is sent to the NRA members. So it is important that you read the magazines, but read them with your eyes open.

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