Google’s Blogger At It Again

Censorship must run strong at Google’s Blogger unit. This time they are censoring posts from longtime blogger Borepatch.

Here is the post about it.

 In the ongoing effort to protect the world from Borepatch, the following actions have been taken by The Blogger Team. has been removed. has been put behind a warning wall. has been put behind a warning wall.

If this continues, I will make a sidebar widget to list the posts that The Blogger Team is protecting you from.

A post from 2008 on gun cleaning solvents of all things! Lawrence Person found the archive of it and you can read it here.

As you may remember, I have had my own problems with Blogger which led me to leave, set up my own domain, and have hosting done elsewhere. Censorship by the tech oligarchs is getting worse and worse. What makes it more objectionable is that it seems to only happens to those on the right side of the political spectrum.

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  1. They got me for ‘outing’ a Chinese DDOS attack against me because I published the map location of where in China the attack originated.

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