SHOT Show Patches

I got my first SHOT Show patch and I haven’t even left for Las Vegas!

A-B Emblem is one of the largest manufacturers of patches in America. They have done almost every NASA mission patch along with patches for the military, law enforcement, and the Boy Scouts. Just as important to me, they are local. Some patches are made here in Buncombe County. They also own factories in both Mexico and China where they can produce both embroidered and PVC patches.

I had decided it was time to update my own patch. The old patch still had the Blogspot address. Moreover, I was down to just a few. I decided to go with a round patch with a green background as opposed to the old khaki or tan background. As you can see below, I think they did a nice job.

If you see me at the SHOT Show, ask for one of my new patches.

As both my wife and David Yamane will testify, I do have a thing for patches. I blame it on my years in the Boy Scouts where patch collecting was a big thing especially in the Order of the Arrow. I am sure I will do a post on the patches I return with from Las Vegas.

One of these days I’ll also do a post on a low-cost way to display them. The Complementary Spouse – mostly her – and I have got this figured out.

2 thoughts on “SHOT Show Patches”

  1. When I was in the Boy Scouts we called them “Patch Hounds”. I found them easier to associate with than what I called the “Junior Leader Training types”. With a Patch Hound, you could be assured that they would go on your trip if there was a patch. The Junior Leader Training types would go, but only if they got to be in charge.
    That association has rubbed off on me. If I get a certification, I like to get a patch to go with it, or at least a wallet card. Stickers are an annoyance to me (And I’m looking at you, Wilderness First Aid).

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