Henry Repeating Arms Steps Up

Henry Repeating Arms, makers of some of the nicest lever action carbines, rifles, and shotguns on the market today, has stepped up its support for Second Amendment groups. As part of their “Guns for Great Causes” charitable campaign they presented checks totaling $75,000 to the Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Gun Owners of America at the recent SHOT Show.

Henry VP Dan Clayton-Luce presents check to SAF
Henry VP Dan Clayton-Luce presents check to GOA
Henry VP Dan Clayton-Luce presents check to FPC

The founder and CEO of Henry Repeating Arms had this to say regarding the donations:

“Henry Repeating Arms will never back down when it comes to supporting the individuals and organizations that work tirelessly to fight back against the political degradation of law-abiding Americans’ right to keep and bear arms,” said Anthony Imperato, CEO and Founder of Henry Repeating Arms. “Just like our Constitution, these organizations belong to and for the people. They have our backs, and we will always have theirs.”

I never had shot a Henry before Range Day. I got to shoot one of their side-gate loading lever actions in .360 Buckhammer. I was impressed with how smooth it was to throw the lever-action on that carbine. It was like cutting through butter. It was much smoother than a Rossi I shot later that morning.

I think it is instructive where Henry Repeating Arms put their money in the fight for the Second Amendment. While all three are national groups, they aren’t that other national group. I think the industry as a whole is wising up and putting their contributions where it will do the most good for gun rights.

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  1. I think the industry figured out the corruption sooner than the rest of us. Those sweepstakes that were a staple of NRA fund raising for years, with donated stuff for prizes, suddenly dried up. The departure of Pete Brownell was an indicator too.

    I am glad to see the other organizations stepping up on the political side but the NRA training infrastructure needs to be replicated too.

    1. I think USCCA is stepping up to do some of the training. That said, many states still require either LEO credentials or the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certification to teach the required CCW course. I know that NC does.

      1. It is not just the CCW training. There is hunter safety, general safety, refuse to be a victim. More advanced training tends to be independent schools already.

        1. I agree. My point was the under the laws and regulations of many states it is the NRA certification that is specifically mentioned for CCW training.

  2. Slightly off topic rant:

    Now they need to make it easier to purchase commemorative rifles. My veterans group has spent the last eight months trying to figure out how to get some 25th Anniversary rifles custom made. Have to buy the rifles through a dealer and then buy the custom engraving through Henry, then pick up rifles from the dealer. Only we can’t find a dealer that will return our calls. Trying to go through a bigger dealer because our members are scattered around and small dealers don’t want the hassle of shipping firearm. Big dealers (Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabelas) won’t even return emails or calls. I can’t figure out why Henry won’t just sell you rifles and send them to your local FFL. It can’t possibly be that many rifles each year that the dealers would be losing out on those sales and if the dealers won’t return your calls on those sales anyway …


  3. It is sad, but your thoughts about that other group are likely spot on. But I am proud that groups like Henry, an American company if I recall correctly, are willing to step up and help fight anti gun hysteria in what used to be a free country.
    Even though things look bleak for us at this point, and as a Michigander they really do, we cannot give up, but keep on working to regain our God given rights to self defense. We also can’t give in to those who would be willing to start shooting. That would be playing into the hands of the anti gun people, giving them the fuel to prove that gun people are crazed nuts with no self control who never should be allowed to own guns in the first place.

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