Stupidest Suggestion Of The Day

The North Carolina Democrats are all bent out of shape that the Republicans actually overrode a veto by Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC). The veto override of SB 41 marks the first time a veto has been overridden in NC since 2018 and the first on a gun bill.

Kate Frauenfelder is the Communications Director for the North Carolina Democrat Party. Today she sent out a press release with the stupidest suggestion of the day. You can see it below. As A. P. Dillon, a blogger and reporter for North State News, opined on Twitter, “What an incredible “Um, hi – you all must be new here” moment.” I normally would have agreed but it seems that Ms. Frauenfelder actually graduated high school in North Carolina and obtained her degree in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Any reporter who actually asked that question should be laughed out of the room. I can give you three reasons why.

Number one – he would have signed the bill.

Number two – he is a member of the Board of Directors of the NRA.

Number three – he came to prominence with his impassioned speech before the Greensboro City Council over banning gun shows at the Greensboro Coliseum.

I’m still shaking my head over this one.

UPDATE: Stupid should hurt.

An appropriate response would be to send Ms. Frauenfelder ( a copy of the YouTube video with Mark Robinson’s “I Am The Majority” speech. Here is the link and you can send an email directly from YouTube. Imagine when she goes to check her email and finds it full of that video.