Interesting Partnership For SAF

The Second Amendment Foundation and Chris Cox’s Capital 6 Advisors announced they will be working together on several projects. The announcement was made yesterday on the SAF website.

From the release:

“We’re bringing Cap6 aboard in an advisory capacity on a number of different projects,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “SAF has been the nation’s leading force in the Second Amendment litigation world. As we look towards the future, I am humbled and excited to have another major influence in the Second Amendment sphere, along with his talented team, available as a resource to help me implement my ideas and shape SAF’s trajectory for the next 50 years.

“We are excited to work with Adam Kraut and the team at SAF,” said Cap6 President Chris Cox. “The Second Amendment faces unprecedented attacks and America’s law-abiding gun owners deserve real and transparent leadership. I’m proud to deploy my decades of experience advancing the cause of freedom alongside a team I respect and trust. SAF’s best days are ahead of it and law-abiding gun owners everywhere depend on it.”

I think this will be a fruitful partnership. Chris Cox brings his Washington based contacts and his 25 years with NRA-ILA to the table while the SAF brings their superior 2A litigation experience. The mix of the political strategy with the legal strategy should prove to be a winning combination. It is time to take pro-2A lawfare to the anti’s just as they have been trying to do to us lately.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Partnership For SAF”

  1. The leftist attacks on the 2A are extreme examples of lawfare. They’re going to bankrupt anyone opposed to their arbitrary rulings. As soon as Bruene was decided, the reaction of the blue cities and states was pure Stalin – except it was “how many lawyers do they have?” instead of how many troops.

    State after state, city after city, they don’t quite have the infinite checkbook of the, but they can outspend any one of us by thousands of times. After all, they have buildings or floors in buildings full of lawyers. We don’t.

    The worst thing that can happen to them is they lose the case so they make up a different set of arbitrary laws and repeat. The lawyers are still there, on the payroll, they just work on different BS. For individuals, they’re bankrupted by the legal process.

    The 2AF is one I send a check to every year. I’ve certainly seen the requests for donations multiply this year, to several every week.

    1. Don’t forget that not only do they have all those lawyers, but we are paying for them with our tax dollars.

      I’m a life member of SAF but I think it’s time to step up and start a regular monthly or annual donation on top of that.

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