The NRA Needs Its Own Independence Day

The National Rifle Association filed their own challenge to the BATFE pistol brace ban yesterday. This was after their attempt to intervene in SAF et al v. BATFE was denied as not timely among other reasons.

The NRA has and has had many excellent Second Amendment attorneys at their disposal. These include scholars such as Stephen Halbrook and David Kopel, appellate attorneys such as Paul Clement and Erin Murphy, and others such as Chuck Michel, David Jensen, and Dan Schmutter. In the past I would have also included the attorneys from Cooper and Kirk but they were considered “disloyal” by Wayne and Company and purged.

So who did they choose to handle their own challenge to the BATFE pistol brace ban? It had to be someone other than the attorney who just lost their motion to intervene, right?

Sadly, they went with William Brewer III again. Instead of going with a strong 2A attorney, they went with the attorney whose primary purpose seems to be to keep Wayne out of jail while getting as rich as possible in the process.

Why I don’t know and no one is saying. Even former 1st VP Willes Lee who has gone from stalwart Friend of Wayne to outspoken critic of the old guard is asking why.

Brewer seems to have the same insidious influence on Wayne and the Board as Rasputin did on Nicholas II and Alexandra. We all know how that ended for the Romanov Dynasty.

The NRA needs to declare its independence from Bill Brewer before he does any more damage to the organization – and the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, as things stand now, I see Brewer riding off into the sunset richer than ever and the NRA in shambles.

4 thoughts on “The NRA Needs Its Own Independence Day”

  1. The cynic in me sees this was another way for Brewer & Co to increase their billables to the NRA. The other cynic in me sees this as a way for Wayne & Co to say “See! We’re still fighting for your rights!” even though they’re just piggybacking the SAF and GOA efforts.

  2. you forgot Chris Conte who was the NRA – ILA guy behind both new york suits, Shepard v madigan and others

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