This Tweet Made My Day!

Former NRA 1st VP Willes Lee put up a tweet expressing dismay on the lack of info about the NRA’s sealed lawsuit against AckMac, Mercury Group, and Tony Makris.

I have to say it made my day.

First, I am happy to see Willes calling out the powers that be about keeping this sealed.

Second, I am happy that Willes acknowledged even indirectly that I helped get the news out.

Third, I am happy to be a source of information for the Directors of the NRA. I love the NRA and what it has stood for but I won’t sugarcoat its issues.

Finally, if any member of the Board (or NRA employee) wants to contact me with information on this or other issues, I promise that I don’t reveal confidential sources.

4 thoughts on “This Tweet Made My Day!”

  1. I wish he’d give you appropriate recognition though. It would help if he would point Directors to more resources that they could quietly follow to stay up to date.

    1. Given that he once described me as a “hater”, I don’t think that is going to happen.

      As it is, many on the Board think I’m “NRA In Danger” which I most certainly am not. I got that from an unnamed current Board member and almost died laughing so hard.

  2. In 2020 Brewer petitioned to the judicial panel on multidistrict litigation shortly after well-known pro-2A Judge Roger Benitez was appointed. It was very obvious, not clever as board members were told. The hail mary to JPML soon failed and the tacky scheme could have embarrassed a good California judge.
    Willes Lee is in the position to know that connections and schemes might have worked to get Bill out of personal sanctions in Texas, but that’s about it.

    1. Now that you mention it, I do remember that episode of legal sorcery.

      What I do find interesting is Willes is down on a lot of the current legal strategy as well as the retribution on committee assignments to those not thought loyal enough. Reaching back to 2019 when Tim Knight, Sean Maloney, and Esther Schneider were denied any and all committee assignments, at that time he was 100% in favor of it. As to legal strategy, most of it was begun when he was a member of the Special Litigation Committee. I would say he is trying to distance himself from past policies that he favored because he realizes what is to come out of New York.

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