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It seems the New York Times can never find enough things to complain about when it comes to anything firearms related. It is now all bent out of shape that excess production of ammo at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is being sold in the commercial market to civilians. Some of this ammo has shown up at crime scenes. Given some of it was found at the scene of mass casualty events, it is now a cause celeb for the Times.

The rationale as I’ve always understood it is that it allows the plant to run at an optimal level with a trained workforce so that there is not any delay in producing enough ammo for the military during times of crisis. Indeed, the contract with the Department of Defense requires the operator of the Lake City plant to product at a specified level with provisions for the excess to be sold commercially. Even the Times’ story acknowledges this.

With all the focus on mass casualty events in the Times’ story, someone who goes by Navi of Boomhandia had this response.

Navi is correct. This story in the Times is much ado about nothing. Stopping commercial sales of excess production from the Lake City plant will not stop the deranged psychopaths.

5 thoughts on “Best Snarky Response Of The Day”

  1. Lake City ammo was also in the weapons that Biden supplied to Hammas when they attacked Israel.

  2. Mass shooters also have fingers, thumbs, and wear shoes… I’ve been told these are also found at the NY Times.
    Coincidence or dangerous conspiracy?

  3. I blame fluoridation. They’re stealing our essence. A great general tried to warn the country once, but he was denounced as a madman and the whole thing was hushed up. There was even a silly movie made to further the coverup.

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