GRNC Releases 2024 Remember In November Ratings

Grass Roots North Carolina, the state’s independent gun rights group, has released their latest version of Remember in November. It is a rating of all candidates for Council of State, US Congress, State House, and State Senate in North Carolina on where they stand on gun rights.

From GRNC on their star ratings:

“Remember in November” candidate evaluations estimate where candidates stand on gun issues by comparing their views with those of a control group of gun owners. As noted below, a “4-STAR” candidate agrees with control group on at least 90% of gun issues, a 3-STAR agrees on least 80%, a 2-STAR on at least 70%, a 1-STAR on at least 60%, and a 0-STAR candidate agrees on less than 60% of gun issues.

Every candidate was sent a survey to their address of record with the NC State Board of Elections. Their responses were compared to a control group of gun owners on issues ranging from concealed handguns to safe storage to the Second Amendment. If a candidate did not return a survey, their response was rated a zero. When it comes to ratings, the voting record, if any, should be considered more important than survey results. In other words, action speak louder than words.

Candidate evaluations sorted by name are here.

Meanwhile, candidate evaluations by office and district sought are here.

If you look at the candidate evaluations, you will note that Republicans who blew off the survey receive the same score as Democrat anti-gun politicians. For example, in the race for Governor of NC, Republican attorney Bill Graham who has blanketed the airwaves with ads blew off the survey and has no voting record received a zero star rating. Likewise, Attorney General Josh Stein (D-NC) blew off the survey but had a negative voting record from his time in the General Assembly received the same zero star rating.

Meanwhile, in my own State Senate district, both the Republican and Democrat blew off the survey which is a shame. I already know that St. Sen. Julie Mayfield (D-Buncombe) is anti-gun but it would be nice to know that Republican Kristie Sluder believes in the Second Amendment. Her Facebook page says she stands with Trump but what does that mean in terms of gun rights?

My State House district is the same with neither the Democrat or Republican responding to the survey. If you are a Republican running in a district with a Democrat incumbent, you just might pick up a few extra votes if you stake out your position as pro-gun rights. The GOP is not called the Stupid Party without reason.

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    1. He did respond to the survey. He scored a perfect 100 on the survey. The only ding on Robinson right now is that he has not endorsed permitless carry unlike his opponent NC Treasurer Dale Folwell. His other opponent Bill Graham seems more concerned with the Chinese buying land in NC than he is with gun rights.

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