Day Five And No Verdict In NRA Trial Yet

According to posts by Erik Uebelacker and Rachel Scharf, the jurors in the NRA’s New York trial have requested the transcript of Woody Phillips’ testimony. They still have not rendered a verdict as earlier this afternoon.

We do know however what they had for lunch!

One person asked what is taking so long. Uebelacker responded that this is a complicated case and I would agree. As he notes, it is like four trials in one. You have the NRA plus the three individual defendants.

As my friend Danny the Mac humorously noted, if the jurors are getting paid by their employers plus the court stipend plus lunch, why not wait until after lunch on Friday to render a verdict. He’s got a point.

UPDATE: Rachel Scharf has this on jurors’ request for more info.

UPDATE II: According to a tweet by Erik Uebelacker, the three witnesses that Rachel Scharf references above are Charles Cotton, David Coy, and Sonja Rowling. Presumably, the attorneys for both sides will need to examine these transcripts before Judge Cohen releases them to the jurors.

That said, I find it very interesting that the jurors want to re-examine the testimony of the chair and vice-chair of the Audit Committee (Cotton and Coy respectively). Moreover, I understand that Coy is chair of the Finance Committee. With the addition of Rowling to the mix it would seem they are interested in improper expenditures and who approved them.