Tomorrow May Be The Day When The Jury Returns

Since I’m not in New York and since the state refuses to televise trials, I have been relying upon the reports of others with regard to some aspects of the NRA trial. Documents that have been filed I can access but I can’t see what is happening in the courtroom.

For the day to day reports on witnesses and the arguments from both sides, I have been depending upon NRA Watch. I do realize that it is a tool of Bloomberg’s Everytown but it has fairly reported courtroom proceedings. Other sources such as Courthouse News Service, NRA In Danger, and Stephen Gutowski’s The Reload have been very good but not quite as up to date.

Twitter or X has been very helpful in following the trial since the closing arguments and the case has been sent to the jury. Erik Uebelacker (@Uebey) has been very good. A new source I discovered today, Rachel Scharf of Law360, has been even better.

Here are a couple of her posts from earlier today:

Given this tweet by Erik Uebelacker, I think we are getting close to the end of the jury’s deliberations. They may have skipped around but my gut tells me that they have been taking each item in order.

I also received a text from Judge Phil Journey who also expects a decision as soon as tomorrow. Given his experience as a trial judge, I’d say he has a good feel for how juries behave.

I’m not making any bets on what the jury will return. They have asked for all the exhibits, have sent multiple notes to Judge Cohen including one that asks the meaning of “monetary harm to the NRA”, and a computer with trial transcripts. With the exception of the last item, I believe that have gotten what they have requested. This leads me to believe that they are doing their due diligence, examining every charge carefully, and are working hard to reach the various verdicts fairly. I don’t think anyone will be able to say that they didn’t do their jobs.

So, with any luck, we will see the jury return with their verdicts sometime tomorrow. I plan to keep checking Twitter throughout the day and will report if I hear anything.