NRA Trial – Phase 2 Conference

Judge Joel Cohen issued a notice today that a pretrial conference will be held next Wednesday, March 6th, in preparation for Phase 2 of the People of the State of New York v National Rifle Association of America et al. The meeting is to discuss the schedule, logistics, and scope of Phase 2 as well as any post-trial motions related to jury phase of the trial.. This is the part of the trial where Judge Cohen will assess penalties and remedies based upon the jury’s findings of liability.

From the notice:

The parties are asked to confer in advance, with the goal of finding common ground on schedule and logistics issues. The parties may, but are not required to, submit letters in advance of the conference if they believe that would assist in focusing the discussion. Such letters should not include legal argument on the merits of any claims or proposed relief. That will come later.

For attorneys that cannot attend in person, he will be using Microsoft Teams to facilitate their participation. Interestingly, there will be a public “view-only” link available for those who request it through the court’s website. I will add any link to that if I can find it.

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