2024 NRA Board Election Results

Just hearing the Four for Reform got elected to three year terms was great. Now that I’ve seen the results – holy shit! They got three of top five plus Dennis Fusaro who was less known finished at 16th place. I wish Rick Ector had finished higher but I’ll be happy that he got a three year term.

There are some real surprises here. First, that two ex-Presidents, David Keene and John Sigler, did not get elected. Second, that Kim Rhode was not elected given her Olympic history and that she was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the State of California. Third, that a sitting officer, David Coy, finished in 22nd place and “Friend of Susan” Janet Nyce in 24th place.

I am not sure why Carolyn Meadows who was too ill to testify in either person or by video in the New York trial finished in the Top 10. It could be name recognition or it could be a sympathy vote. It is my understanding that Wayne Anthony Ross of Alaska is also rather ill.

These results were all one could ask for and more. There were some who won that I’d rather not see on the Board but they are more than balanced out by Phil, Rocky, Buz, Jeff, Rick, and Dennis.

UPDATE: The vote for the bylaw amendment to add the new position of Chief Compliance Officer was “overwhelmingly” in favor of it. I think it is a good idea and I voted in favor of it. My only hesitation would be that the person selected should not have any connections to Bill Brewer.

6 thoughts on “2024 NRA Board Election Results”

  1. I find it most telling that Joel Friedman, primary author of the infamous I “Believe serious consideration be made to hold most meetings in executive session so only the results are put in the minutes. “Resolved that
    was passed”” email finished out of the money. It shows members have been paying attention to the first phase of the trial. Also finishing out of the money was David Keene who was part of the infamous email calling for action against Johnny Nugent form daring to think for himself.

    1. Rumor has it a Pain in the Ass Assistant to Wayne La Pierre was escorting Joel around gun shows in So Cal to gather signatures back in the day to get on the ballot.

      Lololol. They are both out of the org now.

  2. I am pleased. I followed your lead and made only 4 selections matching yours.

  3. Hopefully we can see some good news and no more lifestyle articles on Directors in the MS media

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