In The New Year

This is the time that people make resolutions for the coming year. That got me to thinking about some goals – not resolutions – that I would like to have for 2011. So, in no particular order, here are some of my goals.

1.  Attend the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. I really enjoyed the show in Charlotte. The difference will be that this time I’ll attend as a blogger.

2.  Take a training class. Last year I got my North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit and it is time to get some more advanced training. There are lots of options available within a day’s drive so I don’t have much of an excuse for not doing it.

3.  Shoot more often. This goes along with number two above. I’ve got the ammo and now is the time to use it!

4.  Buy a 1911. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate the centennial of John Moses Browning’s masterpiece than to do this. While I have a Argentine Ballester Molina or, as my late friend Milo called it, a ballerina molester, it isn’t a 1911. I don’t know which one (or two or three) that I want to buy yet but am open to suggestions.

5.  Drink more whiskey. Obviously I won’t be doing this at the same time as numbers two and three above but life is too short to not to enjoy a good bourbon now and again. The Wall Street Journal ran a list of “cultural resolutions” from some well-known people on Friday and this was on fashion designer Nanette Lepore’s list. It makes sense to me.

6.  Keep blogging. I only started this blog in May 2010 and have been astounded by its growth. It has been exciting and rewarding on a personal level. My promise to you is I will try to keep finding and publishing important information as well as some things which just tickle my fancy.

3 thoughts on “In The New Year”

  1. @Neal – I could bid on that commemorative 1911 if I won either PowerBall or MegaMillions!

    Thanks for the advice on the STI's. I'd probably go with either the full size or Commander size. I have a Para-USA CCO LDA which is an Officer sized almost 1911.

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