Collaboration Is The Name Of The Game

When introducing a new pistol such as the Ruger LC9 it helps to have the accessories lined up to go with it. For example, if you can’t get a holster that fits your new carry pistol how useful is that pistol?

In an obvious sign that Ruger collaborated with other manufacturers when announcing the LC9, Crimson Trace just announced a new Laserguard designed for the LC9. It will hit dealers shelves at the same time that the Ruger LC9 will – Februrary 1st. This comes two days after Ruger announced their LC9.

From the press release:

Incorporating all the lessons learned from the LCP and SR9 models, the laserguard fits seamlessly to the trigger guard of Ruger’s latest polymer framed carry gun and features the classic Crimson Trace instinctive activation system.


The specifications for the LG-412 are as follows:

Beam Intensity – 5mw peak, 633 nm, Class 3R laser

Dot Size – Approximately 0.5″ diameter at 50 feet

Batteries – One 1/3N 3V lithium or two 357 silver oxide batteries; over four hours of illumination

Activation – Front-located integrated momentary pressure switch

Warranty – Three-year full warranty

This product complies with 21 CFR 1040.10
Polymer Housing With Rubber Overmolded
Activation Pad
Front Activation Pressure Switch
Ultra-Compact 3.3mm Diode
Precise Windage And Elevation Adjustments
Three-Screw, Tab Lock Attachment
Suggest Retail Price: $209

Having a product like this which works seamlessly with the pistol seems to me a  win-win for both Ruger and Crimson Trace.


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