Second Amendment Is Alive In Iowa

Yesterday was the first day that residents of Iowa could apply for carry permits under the new “shall-issue” system – and thousands of them did. Under the old system, it was at the discretion of the local sheriff if a person was granted a carry permit and the firearm had to be carried concealed. This led to situations like in Osceola County where Sheriff Douglas Weber denied the carry permit for Paul Dorr because he thought he was “weird”.

The cost for the permit is a reasonable $55 for five years.

Of course, there are some that aren’t happy with the new law. I hate to pick on librarians as my Mom was a school librarian for many years. And, of course, there is everyone’s favorite reference librarian Breda as well. However, some Iowa librarians seem to be in a snit over the new law.

Dee Crowner, director of the North Liberty Community Library, told LJ the city administration there has been working on the issue and that the library would abide by whatever policy the city chooses. However, she said the new law “scares the bejesus out of me.”

“Our library is in a community center that houses the recreation center, the aquatic center, the telecommunications department, and the library,” she said. “You can imagine how busy we are with people of all ages…. Why would anyone want to carry a gun in plain sight in a public place? For the power, to scare people, for the rush?”

H/T Mark Vanderberg

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  1. If the words of COTUS scare her so much, she should be stripped of the power to decide criminals should be able to massacre the law-abiding.

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