Aren’t They Just So Clever?

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has this new ad on their Facebook page. Josh Horwitz and Ladd Everitt must be patting one another on the back over their cleverness.

I guess since Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a self-described fan of Rachel Maddow the lapses of his office are off-limits.

4 thoughts on “Aren’t They Just So Clever?”

  1. No, he's not a legal gun purchaser. The Army wouldn't take him because of admitted drug use. Drug users are prohibited persons.

  2. Not to mention he directed death threats at people. He wasn't law abiding, the sheriff just didn't do his job and arrest him. Background checks are meaningless without the will to charge and convict lawbreakers.

  3. He would have hurt someone, somehow, somewhere, no matter what. He was a nut. Sadly there are lots of nuts out there but it is politicaly incorrect to point them out, so they run free. Gun control does not work and wouldn't have stopped this nut.

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