Discreet Gun Cases

What is discreet when it comes to a gun case? Cheaper Than Dirt has this video with what they call a discreet gun case. I think the case is small enough but I just don’t find anything in coyote to be discreet. Maybe it is because I associate colors like coyote, OD green, and black with tactical gear.

A year or so ago there were a couple of threads about using field hockey bags for carrying your AR or AK on M4Carbine.net and Arfcom. Both of these threads are well worth reading if you are looking for discreet ways to carry your carbine. I think some of the examples below – though bright and colorful – are more discreet than the more tactical versions.

Other suggestions were baseball bat bags and a skateboard bag. Here are some examples:

Bag filled with gear
With AR stored inside
Power to the AR?
Skateboard Pack

I actually have the blue “Revolt” bag with the white “Power to the People” fist shown three pictures up. As I live not too far from the hippie paradise of Asheville, I think it would fit in well around here. It is well made and it only cost $35 from Mantis Hockey Equipment.

6 thoughts on “Discreet Gun Cases”

  1. I'm going to be a fussy B*&^%$#d here and mention that the word is "disCREET" if you mean 'not obvious.'

    DisCRETE is entirely different.

  2. I was carrying my two rifle cases out of my girlfriend's apartment last fall. As I was walking out the ground entrance a young twenty something girl and her boyfriend were walking into the building. They held the door open for me as I walked through. The conversation went like this:

    Girl: Oh, those look heavy
    Me: Yep, thanks for holding the door
    Girl: What musical instrument do you play?
    Me: They're not instruments
    Girl: Huh?

    At this point the boyfriend's eyes get real big as he realizes what they are and he hurries her inside.

    I just chuckled and walked off.

  3. Wow! These are very original gun cases. I haven't seen any like this before. Can I buy one from you or are you just showing off? I'm just kidding. But, can I buy one?

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