Ruger SR1911 – The Down Range Review

Michael Bane just released his video on the Ruger SR1911 this afternoon. The review includes discussions with Ruger officials and engineers about the design.

4 thoughts on “Ruger SR1911 – The Down Range Review”

  1. I like Michael Bane, he does alot for our cause and seems to be a genuinely good dude. Having said that, he's also a giant whore for Ruger. It's hard for me to take anything he says about firearms seriously because no matter what is being discussed (pocket gun, polymer gun, 1911, revolver, AR-15, etc.) the Ruger product ends up being his pick as the best option available.

    His TV shows and podcast are all sponsored by Ruger so at the end of the day he's just a high profile firearms enthusiast paid off by Ruger.

  2. It would be great if those in power in Mass, along with other states with ridiculous gun laws, would take end these provision by demand of their constituents. Then companies would not have to ruin a product for the majority of states in order to placate to states that really don't want guns.

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