On the Brady Campaign’s recently released “scorecard”, North Carolina scored a 16 out of 100 points total. While this contrasts well with states like California, New York, and Massachusetts which score 80, 62, and 65 respectively, it sucks compared to other Southeastern states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. They all score 10 points or less.

Now if we could get HB 111 passed allowing guns in restaurants that serve alcohol and do away with the Jim Crow era pistol purchase permits, the state would almost be at their level.

What I fail to understand is how the Brady’s can give Wisconsin which doesn’t even have a concealed carry permit system an 8 and then give North Carolina with a shall-issue permit system a 16. There is no understanding the gun prohibitionists sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Sixteen!”

  1. I think that if you look, there is no question on their scorecard for "Guns in Bars!!1111OMGeleventy!" What you are thinking of is the Parking lot bill. If we can get rid of the Pistol Permit system (6 points total) and also pass the Parking Lot bill (2) we can get down to 8 points.

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