Is Rahm Afraid Of Alan Gura?

When the New Chicago Gun Law was passed in 2010, shooting ranges for civilians were banned. This became the basis of the lawsuit brought by the Second Amendment Foundation in Ezell v. Chicago.

Judge Kendell’s denial of a preliminary injunction was appealed by Alan Gura to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals where it appears quite likely he will win his injunction. When a judge says to you, “Mr. Gura, what would you like your injunction to say”, any reasonable person would take that as a good sign.

Against this background comes a report in the Chicago Sun-Times that Mayor Rahm Emanuel will introduce an ordinance next week to allow shooting ranges in Chicago.

The new ordinance should address the concerns raised in the lawsuit, officials say.

The proposed ordinance limits gun ranges to areas zoned for manufacturing. Outdoor ranges would be banned.

Anyone opening a gun range would have to obtain a gun permit from the city and obtain approval from the Chicago Police Department for a safety plan.

The Court of Appeals has not rendered a decision in this case and, presumably, an ordinance allowing shooting ranges would moot the case. 

7 thoughts on “Is Rahm Afraid Of Alan Gura?”

  1. Bad sign-they're getting smart. Of course you can only go "Ow that hurts!" so many times before you change behavior…

  2. Let's hope a fire is lit under the 7th Circuit's bench. Alan should bankrupt Chicago into being 100% corruption free.

  3. I agree with Gene. Grumble!

    I hope that the 7th Circuit renders a decision before the ordinance is passed. I like some of the suggestions on CalGuns about some delaying tactics.

  4. That ordinance is a delaying tactic, intended to make Gura start over at square one. You don't really believe that it will be a sound ordinance, do you? I guarantee that the range permit and and required safety plans will be so onerous and expensive to implement that nobody will want to have a gun range in Chicago.

  5. @randian: I think you've hit the nail on the head. On CalGuns there was a suggestion that the gun control groups should oppose it "for the children" which actually works into our plans to let the case finish.

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