Magazines For Guns You Don’t Own

A Tweet from Cheaper Than Dirt advertising their 30-round magazines for the HK 91/G3 reminded me that I have at least 100 G3 magazines (20-rounders) and don’t even own a HK 91/G3/PTR-91! I’m sure I am not alone in owning magazines for firearms that I don’t currently own.

I bought most of them a couple of years ago when the great Obama’s Gonna Ban Them rumors were going strong. CMMG was planning on launching an AR-10 variant which would use the G3 magazines. They did come out with the lower but you had to shave down the DPMS upper. I wasn’t too keen on doing that work myself.

I think if I ever get around to having a rifle that can use these magazines, it will either be a PTR-91 or a semi-custom rifle built by SI Defense out of Kalispell, Montana. SI Defense has a lower that will fit modifed G3 magazines and they will build the whole rifle for you. I did speak with them at the NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte and that seems the way to go for the higher quality build.

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  1. Heh – I was looking at a private sale PTR-91 and passed on it because I don't want to have to supply yet another type of magazine, and I have enough metric FAL mags that I should really just get a DSA para carbine instead.

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