A Couple Of Numbers From The NRA Annual Meeting

The attendance for the NRA Annual Meeting was just announced. The final number is 73,740 which is an all time record. If I remember correctly, the last meeting in St. Louis set a record.

The other significant number coming out of the NRA Annual Meeting was the number of firearms sold by Ruger over the past four quarters – 1,253,700. This is an all-time number for firearms manufactured and sold within one year by any one manufacturer. This also resulted in a check for $1,254,000 to the NRA as a result of the Ruger Million Dollar Challenge. They presented the check to the NRA at Friday’s Leadership Forum.

4 thoughts on “A Couple Of Numbers From The NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. More impressed with the nearly $7 million that Larry Potterfield from Midway USA handed over to the NRA. It made the donation from Ruger & Glock looks small.

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