My Nomination For The Citizen’s Medal

Thanks to a post by Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned, I was alerted to the opportunity to nominate a worthy individual for the Citizen’s Medal. It is the second-highest award for civilians awarded by the United States government.

The nomination form asks why my nominee should be awarded the Citizen’s Medal. Here is what I wrote:

Mr. Nugent would be an ideal choice for the Citizen’s Medal.

He has served for many years as a national spokesperson for Drug Abuse Resistance Program (DARE) and has consistently promoted a drug-free, alcohol-free lifestyle in his lifestyle and within his industry. His industry is beset by those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

He is a strong proponent of healthy nutrition and has long promoted free-range grass-fed organic meat that is free from antibiotics as an alternative to industrially grown meat products.

Finally, Mr. Nugent is a strong civil rights advocate and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the largest, membership-based, civil rights organization in the United States. Through his work with this organization, he has strongly promoted civil rights in those areas where oppressive governments have sought to limit a person’s freedom.

The nomination form that asks you to describe the impact of the nominee’s work.

Mr. Nugent’s service has had a profound impact on all of those with whom he has interacted but none so much as his work in field of civil rights.

By fighting for the civil rights of ordinary working Americans, he has stood up to faceless bureaucrats and oppressive state and local governments who would, given half a chance, suppress civil rights.

For this he has been vilified by the propaganda organs of these oppressive regimes and their followers. He has stood tall in the face of their calumny.

Mr. Nugent is a true American patriot who has dedicated his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to fostering civil rights for all Americans.

If you haven’t guessed by now my nominee for President Obama’s Citizen’s Medal is none other than Theodore Anthony Nugent who is better known as Ted Nugent. The civil rights organization is the National Rifle Association.

You, too, can nominate someone for this award and I suggest Mr. Nugent is a fine candidate.The deadline for entries is April 24th. Given how Ted is being attacked by the ne’er-do-wells in the mainstream media as well as by the gun prohibitionists, I say overload them with Ted nominations.

4 thoughts on “My Nomination For The Citizen’s Medal”

  1. Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't Alan Gura be a much better nominee? I know this is an opportunity to thumb our nose at POTUS…but why not go with someone that's actually doing something for us besides being a mouthpiece?

  2. Joey B.: I would agree, except that the nomination criteria state that the actions should be performed outside the scope of the nominees regular job. Too bad him, but not for us, that Mr. Gura works to increase individual freedom every day.

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