Good Story On Women Getting Carry Licenses In Detroit

This is a great story from Fox 2 News in Detroit on women in that city stepping up to get Michigan Concealed Handgun Licenses to protect themselves and their families. I love the quote near the end from one woman who said, “I’m not a vigilante but I’m going to protect myself, my family, my property.”

I had a chance to meet their instructor, Rick Ector of Rick’s Firearms Academy, at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. He is one of the good guys out there and I think it is great what he is doing to bring firearms training to women in Detroit.

Women Packing Heat: More Getting Concealed Pistol Licenses:
My only criticism of the story is that I wish TV reporters would find another cliche instead of “packing heat” to describe women obtaining concealed carry permits.

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  1. I, also, don't like the term "packing heat," but for some reason I LOVED the gun prohibitionists' attempted rebranding of HR822 as "the Packing Heat On Your Street" bill.

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