Keep Otis McDonald In Your Prayers

Pastor Kenn Blanchard let me know earlier today that Second Amendment hero Otis McDonald was admitted to the ICU at a Chicago hospital. He was admitted for a cerebral blood clot.  Mr. McDonald has been a fighter all of his life but this may be his toughest battle.

Kenn didn’t know Mr. McDonald’s current condition but requested prayers for him. I second that and would add that we need to keep his family in our prayers as well.

If I hear anything more about his condition, I’ll update this as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Mr. McDonald’s cerebral blood clot is a result of a fall at the airport in which he hit his head. He was on his way to the Gun Rights Policy Conference when he had his accident.    I was informed by Colleen and David Lawson that this happened at home and he was feeling faint. He didn’t fall but merely lowered himself to the floor. He was brought to the hospital a little later that day.

UPDATE II: Julie Versnel reported at the Gun Rights Policy Conference that Mr. McDonald is on the mend. That’s good news!

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    1. I don't know which hospital. As to it being unconfirmed, I got this info from both Pastor Kenn Blanchard and officials with the SAF. Both of those sources I would consider reliable.

      I don't understand the comment about "robot detecting" but I'm a blogger and not an IT professional.

    2. I am a (retired) IT professional and "robot detecting" refers to how you're using blogspot to prevent automated (robot) spam postings. I.e. it has the default setting requiring us to jump through the hoop of entering in a CAPTCHA (which as the blog owner you may not be seeing), but perhaps nk had a posting blocked by an additional check that's not normally triggered.

  1. And your robot detecting sucks. You likely should be happy for spam, to build up your visitor atats. But Blogger blocks spam automatically, anyway.

  2. May the Good Lord help Otis back to health. I remember seeing him speak at an ISRA IGOLD in Springfield, IL several years ago. He is an inspiration to all freedom loving Americans.

  3. My work takes me to into the belly of the beast, Chicago every day. If we could find out which hospital I would go by and visit him. At the very least send a get well card.

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