Colt And Remington To Relocate?

The Firearm Blog ran a story today about the potential for Colt and Remington to relocate manufacturing out of Connecticut and New York respectively if those states adopted the flawed technology known as microstamping. The story noted as have others that many states would welcome these firearms manufacturers if they decided to leave the Northeast.

Cam Edwards of NRA News did an interview this evening with Larry Keane, General Counsel of the NSSF, on this issue. Keane repeated the NSSF’s position that the technology needs more study before it could ever be adopted. Moreover, and I didn’t know this, he said the patent holder of this technology has come around to the same position and is urging more study of microstamping.

Joe Huffman of the View From North Central Idaho has an excellent overview of the technology and its limitations on his blog here.

5 thoughts on “Colt And Remington To Relocate?”

  1. Colt has already moved part of their manufacturing to FL, we would be more than happy to have them relocate the rest of their operations down here. Remington would be welcomed with open arms also.

    1. @TL671: Hey, NC has first dibs on Remington! Their Para-USA plant is in the Charlotte area and the Freedom Group's headquarters is in Madison which is just north of Greensboro.

  2. I believe the California law that prevents this from happening here is one to preclude anyone from a conflict-of-interest and becoming majority-stake windfall, that the technology can't be held by a single patent-holder but must be in the public domain.

    1. I think you may be correct. If you will recall, last year the CalGuns Foundation paid the renewal fee for that patent which prevented it from going into the public domain. I think Gene Hoffman said it was the best $500 (or so) he'd ever spent.

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