Gun Rights Advocate Nominated For School Board

The Forsyth County (NC) Republican Party has nominated David Regnery to fill a vacant spot on the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Board of Education. Regnery is unapologetic in his defense of the Second Amendment and is a member of the board of directors of Grass Roots North Carolina. This has at least one county commissioner upset.

At least four of the seven commissioners say they will vote for Regnery.
At least one, Walter Marshall, says he will not, calling Regnery’s
positions on guns and other issues “frightening.”

Regnery holds a NC Concealed Handgun Permit and is certified by the NC Department of Justice as a concealed carry instructor. He is in favor of allowing school personnel carry concealed provided they received additional training to complement their NC CHP.

Regnery disagreed that his life revolves around guns saying, “”My whole life is not surrounded by guns,’ Regnery said. ‘My life is surrounded by two children and my wife, and work.'”

The story about Regnery’s nomination was on the front page of Sunday’s Winston-Salem Journal along with a story about the record-breaking attendance at the local gun show this weekend.

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