Off To The Gun Show This Morning

I’m off to the Asheville Gun and Knife Show this morning to help man the Grass Roots North Carolina booth. It should be interesting.

I did pick up some extra cash in case I see any deals. I’ve heard the suggestion that people are selling some of their hunting firearms to raise cash to buy ARs and AKs. Maybe so, maybe not. Still I’d like to find a good used youth-model 20 gauge pump shotgun to convert into a home-defense shotgun for the Complementary Spouse. The only other thing on my buy list are primers, .223 brass, and 6.8 SPC ammo. It all depends on the price.

I should have a report later today on what I saw or didn’t see. The last time
I went to this show just before the election there were plenty of
magazines and AR-15s. I’d be surprised if I saw more than a few.

One thought on “Off To The Gun Show This Morning”

  1. I'll be interested in your report… Updates from the field so to speak, are MUCH better than trying to sort through the BS in the media.

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