This Is Why You Need More Than An Arbitrary Ten Rounds

The gun prohibitionists tell us we don’t need more than 10 rounds in a magazine as if they are THE experts in self-defense and home defense. Tell that to the mother who shot an intruder five times as he cornered her and her twin nine year-old children. Though the criminal is now in the hospital in critical condition, he was still able to leave the scene on his own two feet.

While I’m a big revolver fan, I realize that they have their limitations and this story illustrates it. I’m not going to second guess this woman’s choice of weapon as it worked for her but it could have turned out much differently if there were multiple attackers.

The next time someone tells you that no one needs that much capacity, ask them what would have happened to this mother and her children if there had been two, three, or even four intruders. Do they really think the intruders would have let them live after seeing their friend shot? I certainly don’t think so and I certainly don’t think mothers and their children should be sacrificed on the altar of gun control because some politician felt the need “to do something”.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why You Need More Than An Arbitrary Ten Rounds”

  1. Guess what would happen if a "FLASH MOB" (young urban ethnic teens) broke out suddenly in a public area, you were with your wife and young children, you're seeing HUNDREDS of attackers coming at you, and you only have TEN ROUNDS?

    Oh yeah- the GOVERNMENT would some how protect us, right? RIGHT?

  2. I'd much rather risk it with my 2 Standard Capacity 15+1 and 15 versus a single 10 round mag. Flash mobs are like explosions. The seek the weakest point. I just need to be a very strong point for long enough to withstand the tide. The bottom line is in a free country that should be my decision not a decision made by some GFW hiding behind bodyguards and metal detectors.

  3. Nobody who has ever survived a gunfight has later wished that they had been carrying a smaller gun that held fewer bullets.

    Paraphrased from Gregg Garrett of Comp-Tac holsters fame

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