Gun Prohibitionists Crowing

Now that Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) has signed Colorado HB 1224 which now bans magazines with a capacity – or the ability to be readily converted – of over 15 rounds, the gun prohibitionists at Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors are crowing. I guess they feel they got their money’s worth.

Would that these gun prohibitionists cared so much about the lives and jobs of the employees of Magpul and their suppliers that will be leaving Colorado.

5 thoughts on “Gun Prohibitionists Crowing”

  1. Now the real questions come for those of us from states like Arizona that don't have magazine bans traveling through Colorado to another state without a magazine ban like Wyoming. How do these stupid, ineffective laws affect the law-abiding citizens of other states traveling through these ban-happy states and am I in danger of being arrested because my RV has to go through Colorado to get to where I am going?

  2. Most Colorado Sheriffs have already said they won't enforce. Avoid Denver and Boulder and you should be fine.

    Just get through as quick as you can and don't spend any money here. In 2014 we Colorado residents who were totally ignored in the rush to impose this liberal agenda, will do all we can to make this a good place to visit once again.

  3. We may be forced to rebel before we're able to vote. This is just the first step in a much larger liberal agenda. We've seen that our opposition's tactic is to simply ignore opposing opinions and vote with their wallets, not their constituents. The federal government is walking along the same lines. Is voting them out going to be enough? At this point, CAN it be enough?

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