Huge Backlog On FOID Card Processing In Illinois

So many Illinois residents have applied for a Firearm Owner’s ID Card (FOID) since December that it has swamped the system according to a report by CBS Chicago. The Illinois State Police report that they have a backlog of over 70,000 applications for the card. This backlog has created extraordinary wait times to receive the card. The FOID card is required to purchase both firearms and ammunition in the State of Illinois.

People applying for Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification cards are waiting more than 60 days as the State Police experience one of its busiest months ever processing applications, spokeswoman Monique Bond said Tuesday.

More than 70,000 FOID card applications have been received in March, Bond said, putting it on track to be the record month so far for the program.

According to stats from the State Police website, they received 31,078 applications in December 2012, 61,172 in January 2013, and 56,078 in February 2013. To put this perspective, the January figure is their all time high and the December and February figures are the record numbers for that month of the year. When the March applications are added to the January and February applications, the number of applications received in the first quarter of the year will be more than 50% of what was received in 2012.

430 ILCS 65 Section 5 states:

The Department of State Police shall either approve or deny all applications within 30 days from the date they are received, and every applicant found qualified pursuant to Section 8 of this Act by the Department shall be entitled to a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card upon the payment of a $10 fee.

Nothing in the statute says anything about exceptions for processing larger than normal numbers of applications.

Gun store owners are disputing the amount of time that the Illinois State Police say that people are actually waiting.

However, the state police’s contention that applicants have to wait 64 days for a card is disputed by Greg Tropino Sr., president of GAT Guns in East Dundee. He told The (Elgin) Courier-News that he is hearing from his customers that it is taking them 10 to 15 weeks to receive a FOID card that gun owners in Illinois are required to have.

Mr. Tropino goes on to suggest that when people hear that items will be banned that they rush to buy them before that happens.

As the quote attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states, “A right delayed is a right denied.”

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  1. Interesting. Up here in Ohio, I was talking to a local Gun Shop owner (small Mom and Pop type), and he said that about 80% of his customers over the last 6-9 months were First-Time Gun Owners, and they came from every Demographic Group you could think of. And most of them were saying that they wanted to have SOMETHING "Just in Case." He does try to steer them to the Local range that rent's Guns if they never shot before, Thank God.

  2. I received my FOID card renewal on April 15th, 2013. My application was mailed on January 7th, 2013. My check cleared on January 30th, 2013. Per the ISP FOID website, I waited for 60 days from the date my check cleared before attempting to contact FOID customer service – on March 30th 2013. On that date I emailed customer service via their website's contact form thinking I might have better success at a response. No reply at all. The following week I phoned customer service and received a recorded message to call back at a later time because of the large volume of calls. Several attempts later I finally reached an ISP representative. I was told my background check was conducted on February 15th, 2013 and to wait 2 more weeks before inquiring again. On April 15th my new FOID card finally arrived. Almost 100 days from the date I mailed my application. About 75 days from the time my check cleared, and 60 days from the date I was told my background check was initiated.

  3. Applied for my FOID on Jan2, 2013. After 2 months I sent an Email. 2 weeks later I received a reply that it was in process and it would be issued soon. 1 more month and no card. Called and left voice mail 2 weeks ago. No Reply. My check cleared Jan 25 so technically card should have been issued or denied by Feb 25. It is now May 7th and no card yet so that is over 120 days! If I miss getting my dog's rabies shot on time, I hear from the county within a week and the fines start. Be late with a library book, and you get fined (and notified within a day) I bet there are more books being checked out than FOID apps. Illinois is a broken state. If the state can't comply with there own laws to issue FOIDs in a reasonable time, it should be abolished. Instead they want to pass more gun laws and not enforce the ones they already have. If I was as bad at my job as many in state government seem to be, I would quit out of shame. Then again who would hire such poor performers in the private sector.

  4. I applied for my FOID card around January 18-20th 2013. I understood there were delays so I put in a status request on the ISP website 60 days later. No response at all. Last week I submitted another request. No response. Using the phone number is a joke. Here it is May 8, 2013 and nothing. I used EasyFoid (3rd party) and they have been very responsive in trying to assist and guide but it comes down to the state doing their job. I am beginning to think this delay is intentional. Delay, buy time etc.?? Bottom line is that management in this state is severely lacking. Someone else hit it right on the head….If this were a business a backlog would have been addressed/solved. Businesses cannot and don't tolerate ineptness like this. I feel for the gun shop owners. I'll do my part to help them out when I get my card and NRA will have another new member.

  5. I applied for my foid january 6th in Pekin in a gun store. Started to think they pocketed my fee or lost my application..its been a four month word yet.

  6. I applied for my FOID Jan 10th, check cleared Jan 31st. I called mid April, all they would tell me is that a background check was "requested" (not necessarily administered) mid Feb, told me to wait until the end of April. It finally showed up in my mailbox the first week of May – four months after I sent my check, so much for the 30 days!

  7. I applied for my FOID Jan 18th, check cleared Feb 7th. I also did the online follow up, twice – no response, then called – that was useless. I did send an email to my State Senator though I don't know if that helped. Finally got my card yesterday, May 13th. It took 116 days from my application and 96 days from when my check was cashed.

  8. I applied in January 2013 along with my son who is 18. He received his card 3 weeks ago (May). I'm still waiting (May 15). It's been more than 5 months. I called today & after a long wait on hold, I was told it was still in process. The person on the line couldn't tell me when it would be processed. The check was cashed long ago. Typical service for the state of Illinois. As soon as I can retire I'm moving out of this state. I'm done paying some of the highest taxes in the nation for shoddy, inconsiderate service. They are denying my 2nd amendment rights.

  9. Delaying FOID cards just gives the police and State's Attorney of your county the ability to mess with you if they so desire. Imagine having a safe full of firearms that you now cannot legally possess, cannot buy ammunition for or use to hunt with.

    I know that criminal history and court records are pretty much instantaneous today, so what's the issue? Policy and procedures need to be changed so they comply with the statute as it is written.

    It's time for someone to file suit.

  10. Agreed ^^^^ this is the worst state in the union. Were probably just the the test dummies for stricter gun control… there has got to be a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on, because were soooo dependent on federal money for our state economy… All the bullshit that they say about gun control is odd to me because I have yet to meet hardly anyone that agrees with it… Bu-bu-but it worked in Aussie Land, guess what? were not fucking Australians… I love when people refuse to accept that power corrupts and we need to be able to protect ourselves from those who would seize more control over us if given the opportunity. The "FOID CARD" is the beginning… I still believe in the adage "an armed society is a polite one"… imagine if we all had guns on us when these nut bags try and commit these mass shootings… problem solved… One more thing… somebody breaks into your home to fuck you and kill you, i'd rather be able to cut them in half with an AR rather than hope 1 of 6 bullets from a revolver hits them in a leg or arm…. AMIRITE?

  11. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

    My husband and I applied for our FOID cards at the same time 2 months ago. He received his in the mail on Monday, but I have yet to see mine even though the check that was sent with my application cleared 3 days prior to hubby's. Given that I don't have so much as a ticket for an expired license plate on my record, I was wondering what the big hold up is; reading everyone's comments, though, it sounds like a 2 month wait plus change is nothing compared to what some people have been dealing with.

    Hopefully I'll get it next week. If not, I guess I have a date with call waiting music coming up…joy.

  12. For all that are waiting for their FOID like myself, couldn't we have a class action suit against the state for failing to abide by their own law.

  13. As citizens we should be able to fire state and federal workers and polititons that are incompetent. This state is broke in many more ways then financially we need to vote them all out and get private buisness to run this state and country.

  14. My check cleared February 19th 2013, 3 emails – no responses and here it is June 9th… still no card. I am a veteran with no criminal record ( not even a speeding ticket) … I just don't understand why the people in this country would want to turn over their health care to the same goons who can't manage social security or issue a simple FOID!!!! Ridiculous…

  15. I was one of those 70,000 applications in march, mailed in my application early march around the first or second week. Of course the money order was cashed after they recieved it and yet here i am in the end of june still waiting. Called in the beginning of may and they said that it was "in the background check section" of processing so i figured alright so they are completing the BG check and that shouldn't take that long. well its about to be 4 months and still nothing. Recently ive had a bunch of drunk assholes threw a bottle of tequila through my window which happened to hit my 5 yr old daughter and cover her in glass. woke up to her screaming. Luckily she was hurt but during this time my foid card is just sitting on some dumb fvcks desk waiting for approval…so while tax paying citizens are held up in stupid bullshit the law breakers are free to keep doing what they've always done…break the law. and when i asked the police to print the bottle they said "it's not like the movies"….thanks illinois your really lookin out for us aren't you. im seriously thinking about calling an attorney.

    will post again when it comes in if it ever does


  17. IL is the most *F* state in the UNITED "TAX" OF AMERICA. Third governor in the prison and now congressman it is almost there. In the office or in the prison still living on the tax dollars. Looks like if the IL politicians get hooked on tax dollars they never let go. LOL.

  18. One more data point…sent in my FOID application on February 26th, check cashed in early March 2013. Have had no problem contacting ISP about 10 times. Called today and was told the background check (easily 3+ months) was back and the request to print my card was put in today. She said I should get my card in 7 – 10 days. That means 154 days turnaround time from the date of mailing, assuming I get my card by July 30th.

  19. I sent my app in 1st week of April, they cashed the check a week later, sept 1st, still no card or any contact. I emailed them and no response. Maybe by christmas I'll hear something.

  20. I applied on 6/19/2013 to renew … It is now 9/8/2013 No word yet. I will send in another application tomorrow. This will probably backfire and cause them to start over… but what else can I do?

  21. It is amazing how quickly the most crooked state in America is to cash your check and get their money, but take their sweet ass time to issue some stupid card that is nothing more than a complete violation of your 2nd amendment rights.

  22. I mailed my apllication on 5/6/13. Check was cashed on 5/10/13. Still no card! I've never been one to get bent out of shape over gun rights, but this sorry excuse for a state is going to make me an activist!

  23. they never even mailed me a renewal, so in April I sent in the app printed off their website, check cashed with new foid number stamped on the front of the check, in may. card expired jun 01, as of Oct 06, 2013. nadda. when I called in july they said call back in 2 weeks as the previous post, but to expect a 5 month wait. I do think this is intentional. I told the woman on the phone, I dont have any firearms, no plans on buying any, just trying to comply with what I thought was a voluntary program since I moved to this carp state in 78. I am retired, my son has my safe full of guns, and his foid card is valid. If you send the sheriff to embarrass me I will sue the state, county and local municipality. she said if I stay off the streets with my guns I should be ok. not impressed with quinn

  24. I am leaning towards being a gun activist now – never thought that would happen. I do not get why the NRA or Illinois State Rifle Association does not get involved with this. This state effectively is placing a waiting period of 90+ days on people purchasing a firearm. The excuse of the backlog was acceptable for the first month or two, but to continue say it is simply an issue of a backlog is disingenuous. I thought I had it tough in CA, but ever since I moved to IL I have discovered it is pretty much one of the worst states in the country as far as stomping on people's rights across the board. I will ask the NRA and IL State Rifle Association directly.

  25. they are alarmed at the amount of people that believe in the constitution & THERE RIGHTS the second one for sure. All they want is control of the people of this state. They simply do not care about you rights. The biggest joke of all the states, corrupt Thieves,liars,self centered,self serving morons. they all need pink slips. And a great big one for the king of America. next it will be time to sign up for your upc code the want to stamp on you. Sad to see so much BAD SEED !!!!

  26. Let's sue this sorry ass state of illinois! This state needs to be sued over their unconstitutional FOID card. The FOID card is a blatant infringement upon everyone's 2nd amendment right. We need a class action against this state over FOID madness! To even purchase such a card is a surrender of your constitutional 2nd amendment. This state must be sued into oblivion! Just keep suing them..don't ever stop. Fill out as many FOID apps as possible submit trillions of them along with conceal and carry flood them with the bullshit paper work until they suffocate in it. These clowns would make hitler blush.

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