Public Radio Discovers The Ammo Shortage

American Public Media’s Marketplace which plays on many NPR stations has discovered that there is an ammo shortage. I mean, who knew? That is other than just about every gun owner, new or old, every gun store owner, and nearly every clerk in a Walmart store.

This is the lead-in to a rather decent story about shooters reloading their own ammo and even casting their own bullets. Even more remarkable than the story is the fact that it isn’t filled with anti-gun mythology. David Gura who reported on this story played it straight and should be congratulated for that.

3 thoughts on “Public Radio Discovers The Ammo Shortage”

  1. I'm a regular listener of NPR (because its either that or pop music. Gah!) and although the various programs, on balance, lean towards the left they aren't nearly as doctrinaire as the 24-hour television "news" channels or newspapers.

    As far as individual programs go, in my opinion Marketplace, more so than most of NPR, seems far more understanding of and fair to conservative and even libertarian arguments/policies. I guess having to cover economics 365-days a year plays some role in that.

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