Kudos To The Buckeye Firearms Foundation

You may have read that the Department of Justice has requested a hold by the Sanford Police Department on all evidence in the George Zimmerman case while they continue their so-called investigation into the case. This hold precludes Mr. Zimmerman from getting his Kel-Tec PF-9 returned to him. As such, he is being kept defenseless while racist vigilantes are calling for his murder.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation has stepped up to get Mr. Zimmerman a replacement firearm and necessary accessories.

George Zimmerman has every right to get his property back.

And if Eric Holder chooses to deny Mr. Zimmerman that right, Buckeye Firearms Foundation will remedy the matter by purchasing a NEW FIREARM for him, including a holster, flashlight, and any other gear he wants.

This is about more than mere principle. Zimmerman and his family now face daily threats on their lives. More than ever, he has a right to defend himself against those who would seek to do him harm.

Gun owners must stand together and refuse to allow an injustice like this to go unanswered. If we choose to sit idly by while the full force and weight of the federal government descends upon a free man, it will embolden others to take liberties with our rights.

We know what some will say about this. We know we will be reviled for taking this stand. Our motives will be impugned and our words will be twisted. But that happens already. Those who work against our rights will always do this. It hasn’t stopped us before and it won’t stop us now.

We have created the Zimmerman Second Amendment Fund. We encourage you to donate whatever you can afford, $100 … $50 … $25 … even just $10. We will provide Mr. Zimmerman, who has no current source of income, with the funds he needs to replace his firearm, holster, and other gear. The rest will be set aside to fight similar injustices … and they happen all the time.

Because the Foundation is a 503(c)(3) non-profit, any donation you make will be tax deductible. The link to their donation page is here.

Other groups such as the Illinois-based Guns Save Lives have also stepped up.

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