So Freaked Out By Open Carry That He Gets Arrested

I’m neither a proponent nor opponent of open carry. I don’t tend to do it because I want to keep the bad guys guessing. That said, if you want to open carry that is your option. If you do, I promise I won’t be like Robert Gursky of Glastonbury, Connecticut.

According to this story in the Hartford Courant, Mr. Gursky was so freaked out by a gentleman legally open carrying at his local bank that he slid the teller a note that said “gun”. The teller did what he or she was trained to do – they hit the silent bank robbery alarm.

Mr. Gursky was arrested for breach of peace and has to appear in court next week. And the man open carrying? He was interviewed by the cops who determined that he possessed his firearm legally and that was that.

There is something to be said for poetic justice.


10 thoughts on “So Freaked Out By Open Carry That He Gets Arrested”

    1. +2 to that! The people pitching a fit when somebody acting like an average Joe with a gun are THEMSELVES disturbing the peace and wasting police time.

      Its in my contract with my alarm company that false alarms reported to the police CAN result in a fine (had a false alarm last week and thankfully the local PD cleared the call and called it a day….I'm sure if it keeps happening they won't be so accommodating)

      False alarms are a punishable action, and these calls are no different. Further this guy is an IDIOT!

      Oh and I'm mostly standoffish about the whole Open carry because I carry either in a shoulder rig, or a pocket holster. One OC method should get a call from the fashion police, the other is by nature physically impossible.

      Still I'm pro OC because no matter how you carry, its always possible your gun might get uncovered accidentally, and NOBODY should be punished for a benign exposure of their gun, be it a brief slip, or a full day of OC. No matter what its a victimless crime.

  1. I just love stories with a happy ending.
    I don't think a Connecticut judge is going to go apeshit on the freaked out antigun idiot though.

  2. I'm a little curious about why you think bad guys will look at potential targets and wonder to themselves whether or not any of them are packing before committing a crime. I'm personally unaware of any crimes which were committed because the criminal(s) had first ascertained that the victims were unarmed. From what I have read, criminals—especially the insane sort—simply pick their targets and move on in and do what they want without any forethought to the armed/unarmed status of anyone else.

    1. Mr. Satyre — Um, because interviews with criminals have revealed that, YES, like any other semi-rational person, they DO make "risk-reward" calculations before engaging in risky behavior. The more likely they think a target is to be armed, the LESS likely they are to attack.

      Because defeating an armed opponant is harder (and riskier) than defeating a helpless one — and if they wanted to work for a living, they'd have a job.

    2. Now this is the way to handle the leg wetting wusses! Hell most likely they all voted for Obama anyway!

  3. Conceal carry for personal defense.
    Open carry for civil disobedience/suing police officers for $15,000 when they flip out and illegally detain/arrest.

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