BATFE – We Aren’t Saying It Is Illegal Or Wrong But…

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives released a new “informational” YouTube video this past Thursday on private and Internet sales. The video was narrated by Rich Marianos, Assistant Director for Professional and Governmental Affairs.

The ostensible purpose of the video is to provide “guidance” regarding private and Internet sales. While noting that firearms are a legal commodity and that private sales without a background check are perfectly legal between residents of a state under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (note – state laws may vary), he then alludes to criminals obtaining firearms without going through a background check. He then makes the strong suggestion that private sellers “protect” themselves by having the transaction handled by a FFL who must perform a NICS check.

I almost laughed out loud when Marianos said that AFT respects the Second Amendment rights of “our citizens who own firearms” and that they are only concerned with “traffickers”. I’m sure that explains the visit that gun blogger Andrew Tuohy of the Vuurwapen Blog received from ATF agents last year asking about his firearms purchases.

After listening to the deadpan delivery of Marianos which makes Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet seem animated and his announcement that ATF has established an Internet Firearms Trafficking Unit, I am left to wonder who is jerking ATF’s chain about private and/or Internet sales. Is it new Director B. Todd Jones, the White House, or Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors? Someone surely is doing it because getting a new unit approved is not an everyday occurrence.

3 thoughts on “BATFE – We Aren’t Saying It Is Illegal Or Wrong But…”

  1. January 22, 2017 is coming….as will be the arrests of these criminals. The 14th and 2nd amendments give legal authority to punish these soon to be former government employees.

  2. The ATF has apparently removed the video. A bit thin-skinned, these partisan political police. If I remember my BATFE org chart, "Assistant Director for Professional and Governmental Affairs" is the guy in charge of the Office of Professional Responsibility (i.e., snitching out field agents) and also ATF's head lobbyist. Agencies aren't supposed to have lobbyists, but they do.

    1. Interesting that this was taken down. They had already disabled comments on the video when I first saw it. I wonder if they caught some backlash from those who control their budget or something.

      While agencies might not be supposed to have lobbyists, they all do. They just call them Congressional liaisons or governmental affairs specialists.

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